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We know how much you love your FELT bike and understand the burden of having to replace a non-warranty damaged frame. To help with that and to keep our FELT customers happy and on their bikes, FELT offers a 5 year crash replacement program for the first owner.

All customers who buy a FELT bicycle or frame kit from September 1st 2013 have the chance to register their FELT product within eight calendar weeks from date of purchase on crp.felt.de

This program can be used to get a discount on a replacement frame in case of non-warranty damage or if the frame is out of warranty time. Depending on the age of the bike, the following discounts apply to the retail price for a Felt frame in your country:

  • Year (1) = 50% within 12 months after purchase
  • Year (2) = 40% within 13-24 months after purchase
  • Year (3) = 30% within 25-36 months after purchase
  • Year (4) = 20% within 37-48 months after purchase
  • Year (5) = 10% within 49-60 months after purchase

Furthermore, with the registration you will have the chance to get our FELT Newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date.

Read all CRP details (as PDF)